…Power-kiting requires 90% kite skills & 10% board skills…

We follow IKO’s training structure & independent IKO certified instructors to create a safe training environment for power kiting in India. What’s more? You get an IKO Member Card & can join the world community of Power kiters!


Level 1 Powerkiter Program (takes 2 – 3 hours)

Level 2 Powerkiting Level 2 (takes 2 – 3 hours)


How much will Power-kiting lessons cost? It all depends on the number of hours you need to learn the required skills to be able to handle your own equipment safely & practice amongst other kiteboarders on the beach. You can choose from our two packages & then take private hourly lessons to enhance your skills.

Power Kite handling course 1 (Covers level 1 | 2 hours)

Rs. 3,000/- per person

Power Kite handling course 2 (Covers level 2 | 3 hours)

Rs. 3,500/- per person

Power Kite handling course  FULL DAY (Covers level 1 & 2)

Rs. 5,500/- per person

Advance lessons (learn how to handle a land board or kite buggy)

Rs. 2,500/- per hour

What are you paying for in a kiteboarding lesson? (Inclusions)

  • Equipment Rental- Helmet, Life vest, Harness, Kites, etc.
  • Instructor Fee
  • IKO membership card
  • A safe & registered operator with required authorities
  • Certified Lifeguards & Ambulance
  • Use of shower rooms & wc
  • Service Tax

About Kiteboarding as a sport

Kiteboarding is a sport & not an activity that can be participated in for a joy ride.

Indemnity release for all students

Like all adventure sports, water-sports & wind-sports Kiteboarding/Powerkiting has it’s inherent hazards. We try to create awareness about these hazards & use safety equipment to safeguard users. As a participant in the sport we take it as given that you have understood these hazards & indemnify the school, guides & associated parties from any claims. We only give lessons to participants who sign our Indemnity Form & Release waiver. For more information you could email us info@quest-asia.com